One Year Later and I Still Ask…. (part two)

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Part two.

So it has been a year.

What has changed?

Well, I don’t work outside the home anymore. I had taken the summer off and decided that as much as I loved the place I worked at and my job, I didn’t love how it was going for me. It was difficult leaving, I had awesome bosses and even more awesome co-workers. It is hard to leave a place when you know that what they are doing is such a good thing. But after I got off the phone with my boss, it was like a weight off my shoulders. I did the right thing.

Moose has barely been home. Seriously, it was a rough year for him and he rarely graces us with his presence. So it has been just me and my little gang. It’s always hard to tell how his schedule will work so maybe this year will be the same, maybe we see him more. Either way, we make do. We miss him when he is gone and cherish him when he is home.

He also finished his bachelor degree! It has been years, YEARS, in the making. But he is finally done. I don’t know if it will actually change anything at this point and now we have a shit ton of student loans to pay off but he did it. He did it the hard way and wanted to quit so many times (seriously, who goes to school with a schedule like his?), but he still finished. We are very excited and proud of him!

I also started a podcast with my friend Heather! We have a blast doing it and have created a little following. You can check us out here at Life Under The Laundry Pile if you so choose! I had absolutely no intentions of doing this but when she came to me, it took literally less than 5 seconds for me to say “Why not?”. I leave in a couple of weeks for Podfest, I am so pumped to network and listen to people talk about this little community we belong too. And I am really looking forward to not acting like an ass when I meet people who have been a huge influence to us.

This blog. I have not been super diligent about posts on my website. It is something I want to improve. I promise you that there are drafts in my collection that you will love, I just need to finish them. But my social media game is great, it is so much easier to write 15 word posts than 500 word essays. Who knew? I went to Orlando for Type A and that was amazing. I have made connections with some really awesome people. And I have lots of opportunity up ahead of me. There are going to be some changes soon. I really hope you stick around for it.

And finally, the kids. They are a year older and even more amazing. Red started preschool in the fall. It has been quite the adjustment, luckily his teachers have to be the most patient people I have ever met. But at least he is wearing pants more often. Dude is in 1st, it hasn’t been as easy as kindergarten. He does struggle a bit and that is okay. Because he is still awesome and smart and sweet and I have no doubt that he will end up doing great things. Blondie is on the cusp of a new chapter and this year has been evident of that. I am not entirely sure how I feel about preteens but I will admit I am still happy when she wants to snuggle and read with me. Here’s hoping sweet Blondie sticks around a little longer.

There you go. My year in a nutshell.

I don’t know what will happen in the next year. I can’t even begin to guess. but hoping it will be good. And I am really hoping you all will be around to read about it. Until then….

Thank you.

Mother’s Day Weekend


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One Year Later and I Still Ask… (part one)

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Is that chocolate or poop?

One year ago this week, I sat down and took the first steps to start this chapter of my life. I was working at the Clubhouse then, a job I truly loved. I had an odd day off, I don’t remember why but probably a sick kid. And I decided that now is the right time. It is the right time to do something for myself. Something that I had wanted to do for quite a while. So I started my own website and wrote a few words.

Here is the link, in case you want to catch up or reread it, Please Be Chocolate…. .

Originally, I was going to call the blog that, Please Be Chocolate. However, even though I did a bunch of research before I hit publish, there ended up being another blog by that name. So, I then became Never Drink From Mommy’s Cup.

So here we are, one year later. Oddly enough, something happened on the 24th that I thought was karma’s way of reminding me to look back on this year and note it. This, right here.

That morning, as I do every morning, I went on Facebook and looked at my On This Day feature. There was the beginning of my blog. All day, it weighed on me but I wasn’t sure what to do about it. And eventually it was pushed to the back burner as I dealt with daily life in our house, including a sick Blondie. As I was putting the kids to bed, I went to rub my eyes and saw this. What the hell? Is that poop or chocolate?

Have no fear, it is Nutella. I could smell it but still did the taste test mostly because the kids found it gross and funny. How and when it got there is still a mystery. I hadn’t touched Nutella since that morning and not only washed my hands a dozen times but also scrubbed sinks, did dishes twice and showered. Somewhere in the house is a glob of Nutella, probably in the boy’s room, that I inadvertently ran my hand across. I will find it one day, I am not super concerned. Maybe I should be but eh….

To be continiued.



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How Our Elf Finally Came To Be..

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I did something yesterday. Something I never thought I would do. I drove to our local toy store (shop small when possible people, it’s what all the cool kids are doing), walked straight to the display by the register, and grabbed one square white box with red writing. You all know the box. We all know the box. Anyone that has parented, grandparented, and taught children since 2005 knows the box. The guy at the register said, “That will be $33.47” and I cringed a little but still managed to run my card. It’s for the greater good, Copper. Said box was tossed in the back and off I went to run the rest of my errands.

If you haven’t guessed, I bought an Elf. He comes up every year but we have never done one. Truth be told, I think he is cute. And while I don’t care for the “Be good or the elf will tell on you” aspect, you should be good to be good, I think it is done in fun and has become a great tradition for many people. I love seeing all the posts about his adventures in different homes. Even more so, I love it when he gets into naughty PG-13 trouble.

We haven’t not done it because of the effort. In my book, if something is too much work then don’t do it. Who cares? Your kids will still have a wonderful holiday. My kids certainly have. This stuffed doll isn’t going to make or break that. So, why are you making yourself as miserable as you keep telling everyone you are? Honestly, we have never gotten around to doing it because of the money. Every year I have looked at those boxes and almost grabbed one but haven’t. I am a little tight in the wallet department and 30 bucks is a lot. Frankly, for a few years there, we didn’t always have a spare 30 bucks. When you make midlife u-turns, extra cash doesn’t always flow and often we had only a small amount to make our holidays what they were. To spend a portion of that on a doll seemed wrong. In hindsight, I probably should have just done it but oh well.

So what changed, you ask? The answer is a little sad. Inevitable but sad. The answer is Blondie. Blondie is 9 and she still believes. She is still my little girl. She talks about making her list for Santa and loves putting out decorations. She keeps talking about what we are going to bake and “Can we hand it out to our neighbors, mama?” She started requesting the holiday station in the car and has listened to the Christmas CD I brought back from the Home Free concert at least a dozen times in the last 3 days. I see her looking over every single ornament on the tree. She checks the little Santa countdown in the morning and can’t wait to do her Advent puzzle book. She still has that magic of Christmas in her that only a child can. But again…she is 9.

She listens to pop and country music for hours in her room, with the door shut. Her book choices are sliding into the young adult category. Her brothers have become less and less her best friends and more of a nuisance. Her clothes are no long frilly and don’t you dare suggest piggy tails or a ribbon for her hair.  She has crushes. No longer is everyone her BFF, her friend circle has grown tighter and smaller as her interests become more defined. She is still a wonderful girl but I catch glimpses of eyerolls and sighs of “OMG mother.”. She becomes mopey at the drop of a hat but doesn’t know why. I can smell the preteen on her. Literally sometimes, hormones smell.

I know this may be her last year of sprinkling reindeer food outside on Christmas Eve without knowingly winking at me. I know this may the last year she asks to see Santa. I know this may the last year that she is truly shocked to see that the cookie plate is empty, covered in crumbs. I know that her tradition of writing him a note, leaving it by the fireplace and getting a response is coming to an end. Maybe this won’t be her last year but I know it could be. And while I know she will still play along for the sake of her brothers, it will never be the same.

My friend Missy posted a picture a couple of weeks ago of her daughter and the 2nd elf they added to their family this year. Her point was more or less, “Who knows how long we will have this stage, I am embracing it as long as I can.” That struck a nerve with me. I can see the end of the tunnel with Maggie. I don’t know how close I am but I can see it and it breaks my heart a little. And I am determined to make it as magical as I can for her and her brothers. If this is her last year of believing then it will be a grand finale. We will watch all the Christmas movies 100 times, EVEN the dreaded Santa Buddies. Hot cocoa will be available at all times. We will eat buckeyes until our tummies hurt. We will have our friends over to decorate cookies. We will get our pictures taken with Santa and make lists and decorate the house in paper chains. We will drive around and look at lights until they all pass out. And we will welcome the Elf on the Shelf into our home, finally, after all the years of asking.

Meet Doodles Ballooney

And if he manages to keep the magic going a little longer, he can stay as long as he wants.


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Fourth Grade Love Story: Chapter One

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**Names have been changed for the sake of the innocent, blah blah blah**

I can only assume that this will be the first of many stories of this nature. Some of them good. Some of them bad. And some of them ugly. I am often in denial of how close we are to the teenage years so moments like this always leave me a little palpitaty (is that a word, it’s a word now), kind of like when you have an almost accident while driving.  Here goes….

Yesterday in car line, Blondie’s Math/Science teacher was calling out names. It was, for the first time since April,  not as hot as the deepest depths of mega Hell so I had the windows down. As I pulled up she lowered the megaphone thingy and said to me, “I just love your daughter. She is such a sweet, amazing girl.” My chest swelled with pride, what parent doesn’t like hearing that? Especially this year when school and Blondie aren’t clicking. She is struggling a little. Classes are getting harder. Hormones are different. And she has little to no connection to her home room teacher. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with my daughter. And there is nothing wrong with her teacher. But they haven’t meshed well. This is the first time ever for her that she hasn’t made that connection and it is showing. She is less excited about school. Her grades in the subjects she has with her are slipping, okay she has B’s so I am not really worried, and she isn’t as creative at home. Anyone that knows my daughter knows that she is rarely without paper and pen. Not so much lately. I have struggled a lot while watching this, I don’t like seeing her light dimmed, but I truly believe in not interfering unless totally necessary. My kids need to learn to adjust to all situations. They are not always going to work with people who are their best friends, that is just reality. Suck it up my precious little snowflakes. But this teacher yesterday is one of her FAVORITE teachers in the whole school and I knew this would just be the sprinkles on the cupcake for her to hear what she said.

So I waited for my kiddos to get in the van and as we pulled away, I said, “Guess what? *Ms. Schmarlos* said you are an amazing little girl and she adores you!” I waited for the squeals and the “REALLY??”…..nothing. I looked over at her and she looks like she is going to burst, this is the most excited I have seen this kid in 2 months. Before I can say another thing, she blurts out “I told *Jimmy* that I liked him and he said he likes me too!!”


“I’m sorry, what now?”

“At lunch we were playing Truth or Dare and *Susie* dared me to go up and tell him the truth, that I liked him. So I did and he said he liked me too.”

Now Blondie has been crushing on this boy for a while, in the way a 8 or 9-year-old would. She knows she likes him but not really. Boys are still gross. This development is huge in her world. I don’t even know what to do. We haven’t even had any sort of talk about boys. We just got around to ordering the American Girl book on hygiene for the love of pete. I may be a little behind here.

“Wait. Does he like you? Or does he like like you?”

“He like likes me.”

“Okay. So happened then?”

“We went over to the monkey bars and talked for the rest of recess.”

“What did you talk about?” This is where I hold my breath because if she says anything about boyfriend/girlfriend, I may die right there at that stop light.

“Star Wars and Lord of The Rings.”

“Okay. Good. You have been dying to tell me this all day, haven’t you?”

” Yes. I thought about even asking if I could call you, I was so excited.”

Okay guys. I think we are in the clear for a bit longer. For one thing, I was the first person she wanted to tell. She still wants to talk to me!! Second, they talked about flipping Star Wars and LOTR. The same stuff they have been talking about for the year and a half they have known each other. Not lovey dovey stuff. But debating the logistics of traveling across Middle Earth. And exhale… for now.


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Updating Our Home With Groupon

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UpdatingOur Home

 This is a sponsored post. All views are 100% my own.

Lately, I have been on a kick. A “Let’s redo everything in this house.” kick. Our kids are getting a little older and so is everything else in our house. Slowly but surely, all the baby and toddler stuff has been given away. The amount of toys have diminished. The chances of things being ruined with sharpies, scissors, or….well…the downsides of potty training have become very slim. There is space that needs to be repurposed. The kids’ rooms need to be updated and organized. I want furniture that hasn’t been marked and linens that haven’t seen the horrors of the last ten years. Don’t even get me started on the state of my towels or that the majority of my dishes are plastic and adorned with cartoon animals. It is time people.

We are not rolling in money. This is not an overnight project and I need to be thrifty. One of my first stops is always Groupon Goods. I am signed up with them and I get emails letting me know what new items they are offering. You can alway follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well! Once over their site, it is easy to use and there are always plenty of deals. I have found so much through them. Sheets, towels (Did you know that not all towels have bleach stains? I had forgotten that.), kitchen utensils, dishes, storage options for toys and clothes, and even decor. All from the comfort of my home office. Which we all know is my ideal shopping spot.

My house is starting to look less like a daycare/frat house and more like a place that mirrors myself. I am really happy about that. And with the money I am saving, I can afford to try new restaurants and splurge on pedis. Oh yes, they have Groupon deals on those too!

What kind of amazing deals have you found with Groupon? I would love to know so be sure to comment below!

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30 Days Of Copper, Instagram Style.

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In July, I did a personal challenge in Instagram. There was no method behind what I posted, which honestly made it pretty difficult sometimes. I just tried to and almost succeeded in posting a picture a day. It was fun. And interesting to see who the different hashtags made my pictures available too. I connected with some cool people through it. Totally worth my time. I figured I would do another one but really hadn’t thought about jumping back in so quick.

Monday morning I drop off the 2 older kids for 1st and 4th grade. A week later I drop Red off to preschool. Let that sink in for a minute. All 3 kids will be in school at least 4 days of the week. I have not been this alone since Blondie was born 9 years ago. What am I going to do with myself? I don’t know honestly. Hopefully a lot of this right here. Maybe I will read a book. Clean out the hall closet. Take a walk. Get drunk. Who knows.

This is what I want to do. Another 30 day challenge on Instagram. Monday –  Friday for the next 6 weeks, I am going to post at least one picture a day as I figure out what to do with my new chapter in life. So head on over to Instagram and follow me to keep up. Either hit the link here or check out the Want More Of Me section in the right column to see all the ways you can follow me.  Want to join in? Just use the hashtag #NDFMCchallenge, I would love to see what you are up to!

This may be the most exciting thing ever or a disaster. But that is half the fun, so why not!

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The Rocks In My Pockets

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I am sad. So damn sad. And lonely. And anxious. And all the shitty stuff that goes along with the valleys of my moods. It hurts, I physically hurt.  I have not slept well in weeks. My joints ache and my head pounds more often than not. I am not focused at all. Nothing has been done around this place in quite a while. It is messy, my house and my life.

August, in general, is not a great month for me. The monkeys get a little older. Summer ends and life gets busier. Another year passes since I held my dad’s hand as he left us. I don’t believe these things are the culprit, a chemical imbalance is, but they don’t help. They sit in my heart, weighing me down like the rocks the boys insist on collecting and shoving in their pockets. These rocks may slow them down but the boys would never give them up, “Them is our treasure, mama.”  As are these things that weigh me down. My babies are healthy and smart and hella funny. They start school in a few days and I am so grateful for a great school system (and time to myself to be honest). Along with the pain of his passing comes a downpour of memories of my father and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

My depression is like a bad houseguest. The anxiety may stick around constantly but the depression often just shows up unannounced. It overstays its welcome, destroying my spirit and leaving me exhausted.  It is both overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. But it is always temporary so I march on despite it. I try my best to manuever around it. Be patient. Be still. Be busy. To try not to lose time. I listen to music. I find ways to be creative. Focus on how great the kids are and not on why I am scrubbing who knows what that is out of the carpet AGAIN. I let the extrovert side of myself shine a little brighter because it makes me feel better in times like these. I force a smile in public, not to hide but because it makes me feel better. I do my best to wait it out because it will pass. Until it does though, I will treasure those rocks in my pockets.

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Saving Summer With Groupon Coupons

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This is a sponsored post. All views are 100% my own.




You guys. Summer is half way over. And I don’t know about you but my cash flow is taking a beating. Activities, supplies, adventures, food. Don’t even get me started on the food! And now school shopping is right around the corner. It is all so much.

Well, I have found an awesome to save. We all know about Groupon for the big stuff, trying new restaurants, fancy gadgets, salons, travel. But did you know about Groupon Coupons? Seriously, best thing ever. They offer thousands of coupon codes for the everyday stuff. And they are so easy to access, either from home or on your phone.

I am such a money-saving goof (you kind of have to be in a large one income family) but cutting coupons has alway been my downfall. And the paper ones you get in Sunday’s paper never get me far enough to really make it worth my time. Groupon makes it easy to search their offers. And just click and get. It’s fool-proof, which is exactly what I need. And they are deals we can really use. My favorite part is that a lot of these can be used online too and we all know I consider shopping in my pajamas to be a lifestyle.

Here are some of the stores currently featured but remember that there are so many more than I could possibly list.

  1. Barnes and Noble
  2. Starbucks
  3. The Disney Store
  4. Walgreens
  5. Target
  6. Kohl’s
  7. Michaels
  8. Best Buy
  9. Bed Bath and Beyond
  10. Snapfish

I am excited to see how many deals I can use for school shopping in the next month. Red may even get his very own brand new pair of shows.

Make sure you check them out at Groupon Coupons. They are also on Facebook and Twitter, follow them for their latest updates.

Let me know what deals you find! You can find me on Facebook at Never Drink From Mommy’s Cup, Instagram at neverdrinkfrommommyscup, and Twitter at @DrinkMom. Happy Savings!


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Finding My Stride

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Just a short note. And yes, I know I always say that and it turns into an essay. Welcome to Copper’s brain.

A friend texted me yesterday to tell me that she was listening to and loving the podcast. I thanked her and mention that they are so much work but I really love what I am doing. She said, “I know you do.” Is it apparent? I think it might be. I hella love this.

I have been a little MIA and I know it. I post often on Facebook, IG (have you been checking out my July Challenge series?), and Twitter but it’s been a month since my last big blog post. But trust me, I have been here. As things got bigger and bigger, and they are, and I realized how happy I am doing this, I had to take a little step back. I want to do this. For a long time. And I want to do it right. I think blog and podcast all day long. I really jumped into both feet first, without any research. Without any structure. And that was beginning to get a little overwhelming. So I took a little step back while Heather was gone, did a bunch of reading, a bunch of listening, and a bunch of planning.

Things are falling into place. My numbers are growing. I am building websites and newsletters. I am branching out into different platforms. I am working on marketing myself (media kits and business cards, and conferences, oh my!). I am brainstorming and planning posts in advance. I am reaching out to other people in this field to learn, grow, and be heard. I am making money doing campaigns.

Wait, what’s that last one Copper? You heard me. Copper received her first campaign this week. And I want to talk about this for a second. Campaigns are basically sponsored posts. I have been debating doing them from the beginning. Honestly though, I kinda figured it wouldn’t even come up for at least a year. What company would want to rely on little old me to get the word out? Not to mention, do I want to be doing them? I love the personal touch of my blog, it is the whole point, and I was worried that I would lose that if I talked about products. It is a very fine line. So here is the deal. I am going to talk products from time to time. I hope that is okay. Talking products covers my overhead and allows me to continue doing this as much as I want to. But I promise you this. I will not become all sponsored blogs, all the time. And I will only do campaigns that I truly like. I will not lie to you all. I don’t see the point. Besides, most of you know me well enough that you will smell a forced post from a mile away. Copper thinks so and so’s fish sticks are delicious? Something smells “fishy” around here….. See what I did there? Now, Copper thinks so and so’s bloody mary mix is a must have in your fridge? Way more up my alley.

Okay now that we have covered that little bit of news, go check out my Instagram and Twitter accounts. They need some love and you won’t regret it.



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Alligators and Internet Commentors

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I try to stay away from internet comments. People are horrible when they don’t have to look you in the eyes while they talk. But I have peeked here and there in the last couple of days, perhaps filled with a false sense of security from the love shown over the weekend.
Within minutes of The Disney incident being reported, so soon after it happened that the parents clothes were probably still wet, the perfect people of the world came out and started their sermons of how this would never happen to them, what were the parents thinking, and my personal favorite, this seems fishy I bet they killed him (WHAT??!!). There were no details yet and yet people were already entering judgement mode.
 Yesterday I saw a comment that just stuck with me. “Those people should be shot. They don’t deserve to be parents.” I can’t guys. I just can’t. This may be the breaking point where I quit humanity. This person’s mindset is these people need to be shot because of a horrible incident that took their own baby’s life. And I am sure if I had the stomach to continue reading, there would be people agreeing. They took their family on a vacation where dreams are supposed to come true. And now? He is dead. Gone. Never again will his mama be able to sneak a whiff of that magical area where his hair meets his neck. Never again will daddy get to read him a story before bed. He will not potty train, go to kindergarten, learn to ride a bike. He will not date, go to college, fall in love and have his own babies. Gone. Their child was literally dragged into the waters as his father tried with every part of his being to get him back. And people are saying he should rot in hell for “letting it happen”. Have you ever seen a video of an alligator attacking? I have. They are stealth, they are smart, and they are so incredibly powerful. But he didn’t “let”it happen, he fought. He fought when there was little to no chance of him winning. And I guarantee you that he will live with the fact that he wasn’t able to save his child for the rest of his life.
These parents weren’t being negligent. Did they make a bad choice? Perhaps, I am not here to say. But they were doing what thousands, possible millions of people have done before them. There is even a lady on FB who posted pictures of her son literally standing where this little boy was, an hour before. Yes, there are no swimming signs. They were splashing on water’s edge, near a play area, at the happiest place on Earth. They were a family from Nebraska, hindsight may be 20/20 but honestly would it have crossed your mind if you were in their shoes or the shoes of the people before them, that the reason there was no swimming signs was the threat of gators in a man-made lake at Disney. A lake with a freaking beach? The thing is, I don’t know if it would have to me. I think I probably would have allowed my kids to play at water’s edge before we moved to Florida. Before we lived in Florida, I don’t think I knew how real and common alligators were. They were a myth, a running joke about Florida, something you might see if you took an air boat through the Florida Wetlands. I never in a million years before I moved there thought I would ever just see one walking down a road, and yes, that did happen. Having grown up somewhere where bodies of freshwater were our playground, I can say without a doubt that it wouldn’t have occurred to me and I probably would have seen no harm in my child getting their toes wet as the sun set over the castle and we waited for the fireworks to begin.
But then again, I will be the first to admit that I make mistakes. Everyday. We all do, people. Even you, perfect parent over there, tsk tsk’ing. You too. I learn from my mistakes. And then I wake up the next day and make a new set of mistakes. And I count my blessing every damn day that my mistakes and the mistakes of the people around me did not cause tragedy in my life. I count those blessings, one…two…three…every night as I kiss my babies. A kiss on the forehead. An Eskimo kiss. And then a butterfly kiss. And then usually again, because we never get enough Eskimo kisses in this house. I am guessing that mama would do anything for just one more Eskimo kiss. And that is more tragedy than this mama’s heart can bare.
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